A biracial family still being controversial in 2013?!

Jun 30, 2013 at 3:25 PM

Apparently, there has been a month of controversy, with thousands of people freaking out about a biracial family in a cheerios commercial.

Comments and even likes or dislikes had to be disabled. Because this adorable child had two colors of parent.


I have been raising biracial daughters for sixteen years and in all of those years, I can count on my two hands the total number of assholes people who have brought it to their attention or even cared.

I say this: Cute commercial concept. Glad it didn't MATTER what race the family was. I'm sorry there is still enough hate, bias, and prejudice in the world to generate this kind of momentum, that enough people believe that biracial families are shocking.

Adorable kiddo. Kudos to cheerios for breaking this barrier, although I'm shocked it existed still to be broken.