Say Something! And it will belong to others...

May 4, 2010 at 8:51 PM
It is disheartening to me that all my blog posts only get comments on facebook... no one comments on them here where I wrote them on my own intellectual property.

Oh wait, Google owns one (blog spot) and Facebook owns the other (uh, facebook).

So when does anything I think or say here actually count as belonging to me?

Is it bad for us as a society that we technically no longer own our free speech?

And really, why do I miss getting comments here on my blog? I'm getting MORE comments, and most of them come from people I actually KNOW.

Why does it bother me that I've lost my other Cat, and my strange/unhappy/quirky/bloggy friends... (perhaps it is because they, too, have been swallowed whole by facebook.)

Anyway, I'm done ranting here. No one will comment on this. Until it automatically reposts to my facebook. (sigh)


  1. Jessi Says:

    Well I'm here to prove you wrong. I'll comment on it and I'm not even connected to you on FB, so there. :P

    And everything you write here is yours. It doesn't matter that it's on a Google platform....even their terms of service state that you own your creations here. :)

  2. desi Says:

    Glad to hear it, Jessi. So Google doesn't own my thoughts, but facebook does... what on earth, I wonder, do they really need with all my thoughts?

  3. I'm late, but here and I don't know who you are on Facebook. So there!!! thpptttt!!!!

  4. desi Says:

    Yay! Good to "see" you, Ron.

  5. Shelley Says:

    I'll comment here, I just won't know you've posted anything unless you post on facebook because for some reason I never get notification of any of the blogs I've subscribed to. I just found out Julie wrote a blog 4 months ago I hadn't read.

  6. Kat Says:

    I have 52 subscribers to my blog and I get no comments. It only hurts when I laugh.

  7. Mr.Pete. Says:

    Typically I'll only comment after reading the post - which is only about once a week - after I click on Google Reader's link. I didn't figure out how to get email notifications about new posts via that media, so, hello! to you and how does it feel to be wrong today? This is my comment and you can eat it. And you too Kat. I'm quite sure I comment on your blog. What is it - family don't count? Hugs to you both (you arithmetically impaired freaks. I'm somdbody dambit!)
    Unsrsly yours, Pete

  8. WorthyQueen Says:

    I'm commenting here, and despite the fact that I'm a FB addict, I somehow missed that you posted this. So there. I will say that I am much more comfortable in my little FB world than i am posting comments on blogs that the whole world sees, even though I blog as well. Weird. Okay, well I like your blog and would follow it if I could figure out how...

  9. Robin Says:

    I would post here more often but after I have racked by overworked mental capacities to come up with a mildly witty and/or appropriate comment I then have to try to decipher the CAPTCHA letter challenge. After having my dyslexia challenged then I have to attempt to remember my log in info. By this time I just want to look at pretty pictures or something:^)