Ten (Not So) Important Questions

Jan 25, 2010 at 1:02 AM
1. What the hell is the name "Gary" short for? And who'd name their poor unsuspecting child that?

2. If the mummy doesn't like cats, why didn't every human in jeopardy that he needed to restore himself just surround themselves in stray cats? Total impasse for the mummy, but it wrecks the movie...

3. Why are goats totally incapable of taking any kind of direction that doesn't involve hitting them? I haven't the heart to hit the goat, so that's why he's still around. And why can't goats poop anywhere but on the porch or in the dog food?

4.  Why does my rabbit want to hump everything except the toy that I went and got him at great expense specifically for the purpose?

5. Where the hell did I put my good wrench? It hasn't shown up since I came home, but nothing else is missing. Hard to believe someone would come all the way out here only for the wrench without taking anything else. Do you think they might have taken it or do you think I've just misplaced it?

6. In farmville, why don't I ever have to feed my animals? Is that because if I had to feed them and forgot, the consequence (dead animals strewn around) is too gruesome for the kids and mommas that play the game? And why am I playing this game when I have a real chicken coop, and real goats and horses and cows around?

7. How do you STOP playing a zynga game? Where the hell is the "pause" or "off" button for Petville, CafeWorld, etc. I want to quit some of these damn games for a while but I don't want anything wilting/dying/running away/spoiling on me. Do I have to just stop caring or is there an off switch?

8. Who has a really nice car they no longer want? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? (ok, no? well, on to plan B...)

9. Why are baby cows cute but grown up cows are just kinda stupid looking? Why is it OK for stupid creatures to be babies, but not to grow up? Or do cows get stupid after they grow up? (I mean the real ones again)

10.  Why are the men in romantic comedies (movies) always kinda iffy looking and the chicks still have to be hot? Aren't women the primary audience? Wouldn't we rather see a great looking guy as the lead actor?


  1. Kat Says:

    1. I don't know anyone younger than 50 named Gary, so maybe that's over.

    2. You're smart. If there's ever a mummy population explosion, I'm putting my cat in a baby bjorn.

    3. Goats are WAY stupider than cows.

    4. There's no accounting for taste.

    5. I think somebody else used and misplaced it.

    6. Haven't I you enough shit about Farmville?

    7. I have no idea. I recommend the quit caring option.

    8. I want my nice one. Have two that need a couple grand of work you could take off my hands.

    9. Maybe the babies seem smarter because nobody would care for them if they were too stupid and the entire species would die off.

    10. Good question. IRL, most guys are kinda iffy looking, though, and the romantic comedy iffy-looking guys are less iffy-looking than average.

  2. Kat Says:

    And I'm only here commenting because I'm staying away from Facebook.

  3. I've got stuff rotting all over my cafe and I've gotten OK with that.

  4. Shelley Says:

    3. Goats are smart. The smarter things are the harder they are to bend to your will. (I'll take Kate as a case in point on this one)
    4. Because
    5. It's probably just fairies, not, you'll find it where you left it one day (when you no longer need it)
    6.You didn't use to have to feed the chickens either. That's what made it better than real life. You are playing this game cause it's absolutely mindless unlike real chicken poop which is just unpleasant.
    7. No, there is no way, just stop caring and let everything go. You don't have enough internet access to keep it up anyway. Actually whenever I want to walk away for a while I just empty my stoves, leave my field fallow and stop. Now if I could just stop for more than a couple weeks.
    8. I've got one down here you can use, come back.
    9. all babies are cute, seriously even the shit ugly animals are cute as babies.
    10. I want the guy to be hot, I really don't bother seeing it otherwise. Really ladies we need to get on board on this one.
    #1 and 2, I don't know. I only know one Gary, he's in his 40's, its not as bad a name as say Edwin, Kenneth, Kevin, Keith or any of the men in my family.

  5. Kat Says:

    3. I think it's interesting that Shelley thinks goats are smart. My Dad has goats on his farm and they seem pretty dumb to me - actually a little scary to imagine that there's any kind of intelligence behind those creepy eyes. But the only goat I've ever know up close and personal shit in his own food and banged his head against a wall all day. Maybe he was a short bus goat.