Woah Nellie

Sep 8, 2009 at 6:46 PM
Life has been going a thousand miles an hour lately.

First, Shels came to visit, lots of stories there which shall remain between Shels and I.

Then it was ranch week, replete with all manner of relatives, most highly welcome.

Then we went to Yellowstone and bankrupted myself on beautiful vistas, gasoline, diner food and fridge magnets. Shels and the girls went on that one too. All the pictures are up on Facebook now.

So far that's Shelley, ranch week, Yellowstone.

Then Kat came for 5 days in the woods, and she posted LOTS of photos about that, I'm sure. I saw a few on her Facebook, maybe a few on her blog too? Dunno.

Then I had a few days to myself. During which I caught up on phone calls, work and started to catch up with what's been happening with everyone else.

So, now that's Shelley's visit, ranch week, Yellowstone, Kat's visit. Then rest fo a few days.

And this last weekend was the family reunion of my next door neighbor, kinda.

I say kinda because firstly they technically live in my front yard (in a trailer halfway down my driveway) and secondly because it was kinda a family reunion and kinda everyone they knew.

Including a logger I'd never met.

(For the rest of this story to make sense, you need to know that "Desi" is short for "Desiree". 90% of you already know that.)

So here's my Facebook exchange about this:

My Status update:
Some logger who looks kinda like Tom Selleck but NOT has been hitting on me because we're both single and Janey hinted to him that I like him - assuming of course that I do. Which I really really don't . This is when I need my best friends here to defend me from strange weirdos that my neighbors set on me out of the kindness of their hearts. Because apparently dating anyone is better than being single. What. EVER.

My comment on my status update:
Janey being my 65 year old neighbor - who's been married to the same man since she was 14. They're so sweet together and I made the mistake of commenting on it so now she thinks I want to be married right now. Again with the complicated country politics. Aak.

Kat says: I would beat that Tom Selleck logger man off with a stick for you.

((More random chat with my sister, phone calls, jokes, etc, but that's good enough. You get the idea.))

So today, my neighbor calls and says:

Janey: Have you seen the sign yet?

I'm wondering whether this is another of her attempts to converting me to a more christian religious persuasion again. As in "Have you seen the light yet?"

Me: uhm, no, Janey. What sign? You talking about the new sign for the ranch?

J: No, the sign, the sign. The one on the bear.

D: You mean the bear at the end of the driveway? The one the logger made?

J: That's the one. Did you see the sign? You need to go do something with it.

D: With what? What's the sign got to do with me?

J: I'll let you go check it out, and decide what to do with it.

Oh no.

So I walked down there with my girls, and they said, oh, now that's weird.

oh... kay.

It's a sweet gesture, but I'm not dating someone because of this kind of thing. I'm sure he's a great guy, but I'm not doing it. Just not.

I don't know - have never known what to do - with random, extreme gestures of love from people who don't know me from Adam.

It scares me more than it impresses me.

Although the bear is very nicely carved and very fun to have at the bottom of the driveway.

I took the sign off of it.

Janey tells me he named the bear 'Desiree' after me.

Anyone want an "I love you Desiree" sign?


  1. Kat Says:

    You should auction it off to your blog readers. I want it! I do! I think it's freaking funny.

    My first thought when seeing your Facebook update was whether I was going to need to drive up there... for a moment I pictured myself parked on the front porch swing standing guard with a big gun.

    I had a guy declare his love once, when he didn't know me at all. Actually twice, now that I think about it. Both stalker quality homo-sapiens.

    Sorta sweet in an odd way...

    But I still think you need to go get your Dad's shotgun.

  2. Mr.Pete. Says:

    This isn't one of those guys from Costa Rica, is it?