Manic Animal Purchase Spree

Aug 8, 2009 at 4:57 AM

For some reason, I got a hair up my butt that geting one of every kind of animal would fill that hole in my life that my sister keeps telling me is where a man is supposed to be.

So on top of the dog and two cats, I bought a rabbit (Jacques), and not one of those little bity ones either. He's HUGE. And I got a pullet barred rock hen (Barbara), four rhode island red hens (the Reds) a rooster (the only thing I've called him is "MotherFUCKer!" when he tried to wake me up predawn) and am thinking about goats.

However, although I now have lots to do every morning, and a decent supply of fresh eggs every day, as well as numerous different kinds of bags of feed, I do NOT have any smaller of a hole in my life.

But I can certainly fill all my spare time with petting my bunny.

He's very sweet.

Can I buy a man at the grange? And is he willing to live in the chicken house until I've trained him to treat my house the way I want it treated?


The girls and I have been fixing up yet another chicken house. The hens are all living in it anyway even though it's got big open holes in it.

I've GOT to finish fixing it up before we end up with another chicken massacre like the last one. That was awful.

And that's why we only bought 5 hens and 1 rooster this time. I dissuaded naming them, but for some reason the littlest one is named Barbara, and I have that sneaking suspicion that naming her was akin to the writers in a horror movie giving the girl a line like "But we can't just leave him there. I'm going back for him, just as soon as I take a shower."

I just have a feeling of impending doom.

Hence the urgency to finish fixing up the chicken house.

Pain in the butt, it is. I have Chicken wire scratches all over me, and the project is only half done. Argh.


  1. desi Says:

    Are my eyes really that blue? Crikey. I look like someone poured too much water into my head.

  2. Very cute and I'm not just talking about the bunny ;-)

    Is your chicken house air conditioned???