Come on a flower hunting walk with me

Jun 4, 2009 at 9:39 PM
Bits of prairie mixed with trees. The walk starts on a rise above this view.

The twins are very happy to be going on this walk.

The very first leg of the walk is through the corner of some freshly logged land. It's always a stark contrast against the greenery. Good thing it'll all be planted up with newborn trees next year. If I keep on going down this path, we'll be through it in less than an acre...

Oh, look, we're back in very lush surroundings. These ferns actually grow all pointed to the side like that. Very interesting how they appear to flow, and the wind does beautiful things waving through ferns.

Ooh, look, blackberries are blooming. So velvety soft and sweet smelling. Watch for thorns.

This Maple Tree was strikingly dark against a brilliantly blue sky. And I love how the branches appear to grow with the wind in mind.

This dandelion is positive he's the sun.

My daughters like the way these trees look. Left to right is a maple, a wild lilac and an alder patch.

Beautiful Wild Raspberry or Salmonberries are blooming all around here. The girls know beter than to pick these. If they did, there'd be one less raspberry for pie later on!

Wild Lilac is also known as thyanosis or Tickweed. I prefer Wild Lilac as names go. Tick weed kind of scares me. Apparently it's as prolific as ticks. Which seems true. It is suddenly blooming everywhere.

I think this might be snapdragons, although I've been fooled by others. Snapdragons are everyone's favorite and we have plenty in every variety. I love them for their ability to imbue everyone with happiness who sees them.

The wild columbine was apparently moving in the breeze. Couldn't be captured...

Columbine is so beautiful I went and bought a beautiful pink one to have at home a few days after this walk. I'd dig up one of these, but we're low impact around here.

Bear scat is everywhere, though thankfully not terribly fresh. They'll be back when the raspberries are blooming. For right now, we're probably safe. (But just in case, we're in a big group and I've brought defense with.)

Portuguese Broom - quite pretty, still polleny as all get-out.

The bane of my existence, Scotch Broom, gets all up in my eyes. My eyes are itching even looking at it.

Argh. More scotch broom. The girls think the flowers are quite pretty - but it's still a noxious weed with massive polleny overkill and hayfever abounds when it's blooming.

OK, I'm over the broom thing. And we're here, the inimitable TALL Charlie Rock.

Wild Lilacs are everywhere, including near the base of Charlie Rock. This last stretch was uphill. We made it. Good for us. Time for a break.

Tiny Wildflowers are a delight to the soul and come in every possible color with such intricate understated beauty Where the tiny wildflowers are, so go the clovers. I laid down in a field of them while we took a break and brushed my fingers over them.

OK. Time to get moving. Aren't buttercups beautiful?

We went by a field laden with buttercups, here are a few.

Miranda tries to take a picture of one with her finger on the lens. Came out blurry. Still, pretty.

Here we are walking back around the bend the other side of Charlie Rock. It's time to head home.

Let me leave you to enjoy the view on the way home. Here is some of the scenery we passed.


  1. Kat Says:

    Ooh, so pretty!!!
    I love buttercups. And Wild Lilac best too, as names go. Ferns are my favorite thing, right after beautiful, awesome, wonderful grown up twin girls. And then raspberry pie. Thanks for that.

    How about some pictures of your house?

  2. desi Says:

    Oh, my gosh, Kat. Will you never be sated? You begged me for photos, so I put up like a BAJILLION. Now you want pix of my house? Well OK then. I'm working on it.

    Love you too.

  3. I'm so jealous of you. I could take pictures during a walk near my house and it would consist of the 40 oz tossed to the side of the road, random trash, broken glass and weeds. Heck I might leave the house more if I had a view like that.

  4. Kat Says:


    If I left my front door and went for a walk I'd come back with photos of long rows of parked SUV's.

    Hey, now there's a good idea - challenge bloggers to take a walk out their front doors and show the world their 'hood.

  5. desi Says:

    Guys, there is a serious trade-off:

    You are close to: People, Trader Joe's, IKEA, Malls, kid's play areas, entertainment, movies, restaurants. Did I mention other people?

    I am close to:
    Trees, trees, more trees, some other trees.

    And that's ALL.

    It's beautiful but a pain in the ass. If I could only somehow manage to move a bunch of people here (preferably gorgeous young men) without is affecting my view or privacy, I'd do it. Maybe move a town within a few miles, but leave the ranch pristine.

    Sigh. I wish teleportation would hurry up and get here and then we wouldn't have to be jealous of one another.

  6. desi Says:

    Correction: Not salmonberry. Some form of Raspberry.

  7. Mr.Pete. Says:

    Suggestion: Tourism - Small Scale. Import people, have them hang out and admire the scenery, collect money and send then on their way. Maybe have some sort of seminar or retreat. Bimonthly. Start booking. I'll be out to build the cabin in just a bit.

  8. desi Says:

    Pete, there already is a cabin! Just north of my house is an odd tiny house, about the size that snow white would have walked into if it was "Snow White and the One Dwarf" instead. So as long as you book really tiny people to visit, we're good.