I am SO not gonna live in my Outhouse

May 28, 2009 at 4:34 AM
My sister's BF Sean invited his entire family and his best friend to stay with me for Veteran's Day weekend. All three days. And really didn't think he'd done it. When they showed up, they announced the length of their stay.

Here is what it takes for me to have enough:

  • One Desi

  • No warning

  • NINE people in my house(!)...

  • Including two complete strangers

  • One bathroom

  • Two bedrooms

  • Parents of sister's BF extremely light sleepers, so needing MY bedroom and accidentally going to sleep in it without asking

  • Two nights of sleeping on the floor in my kid's room

  • One entire bathroom closet full of toilet paper just GONE

  • No chance to shower or bathe entire time

  • Having to play hostess ecause Sean and Libs holed up in their room o were sleeping.

  • 5 dozen eggs and two loaves of bread gone inside of an hour.

  • Guests somehow using up all my water so I had mud in pipes for two days after they left and STILL couldn't bathe.

  • Monday was not a holiday for me. I had to work with pool games and darts and card games and music playing going on.

  • My house which was spotless is now a total wreck.

I love Sean, but if his family shows up again, I want hazard pay.


  1. Kat Says:

    My jaw is on the floor at people's behavior - from Sean's no-responsibility for the invite, he & your sister sleeping the weekend away, to his parents...your bed...why do some people equate being a houseguest with staying in a hotel...with room service...for free? Sounds truly awful.

  2. Mr.Pete. Says:

    Yeah! What she said! Thanks Kat.

  3. Shelley Says:

    They're just lucky, I think I would have killed them all.