gimme a segue

Apr 11, 2009 at 5:10 PM
I rode a segway and it was fun. Ran into my old friend Darlene and her guy let me try riding his segway. Awfully interesting and difficult to do. Requires relaxation and good balance.

Now I want to own one.

Does that make me a liberal?

Will that earn me some jeers?

I don't care. That was fun. Like ice skating on a parking lot in a radio flyer wagon only for grownups.


  1. Mr.Pete. Says:

    I think they're cool and I've never heard of them making anyone into a liberal for wanting to own one. And if Jeers are those warm feelings that you get when your dad smiles on you for being in a wagon on ice, well, I'm not sure of the spwlling, but I think that;s rihgt.

  2. lesjoan Says:
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  3. How fun!! I want one too! Hmmmm... I wonder if I can get enough speed to jump a fountain at my local mall.