When I was Young I Wrote Music.

Mar 27, 2009 at 2:21 PM
Ii love it when you find a song or poem or draft of something that you wrote so long ago you don't even remember writing it! It's a pleasant surprise. Or a bad one, depending.

The date stamp of the most recent edit on this one was March 3rd, 2004. So I thought that was when I wrote this. Although I vaguely recall it being much much earlier than that. So I checked - March 3rd was the day I transfered my files over from my even older machine. Probably 1995 was when I wrote this?

But anyway, I remember the tune. It's in my head. So that means it's been sitting somewhere in my vast collection of artistic memorabilia this whole time and I totally forgot!

When life holds nothing to remember
But the failures you have allowed
When life remains but a shell
Of what you wanted it to be

Just remember that there’s someone
Who cared about you
Who knew the way out and
Wants you to make it

I once was troubled
I once stood still and afraid
There were no saviors to rely on
There were no paths cut ahead

But standing on my own
I found the one path through
There are a thousand traps
Unless you find a purpose true

I have been freed
I am my own to carry out
No one can claim me for theirs
I cannot be bruised anymore

I have been freed
I need no shelter from my self
Nor others reasons for me be
I can but be from here on out

Who I AM

1 Responses to When I was Young I Wrote Music.

  1. Mr.Pete. Says:

    Would it be to much to ask you to record and share it? Please?