There needs to be a holiday for this...

Mar 24, 2009 at 4:54 AM
Call the Authorities! There needs to be a holiday for this. Or just call the authorities anyway. Whatever.

I have gone an entire WEEK with no spam. Not one tiny little spam did I have to read.

No one selling me hot asian blond whatever kinda funky stuff sex with unspeakable things mentioned. I hate those most. Do you know how HARD it is for me to hide the titles on these emails from my children? To delete them before my nosey children are scarred for life. "OMG, mom, tell me that's never actually been done! They can't mean that. Can they?"

Actually I need to stop and rant here for a second.

Despite my VERY girly email address, I've never gotten even ONE email from these pondscum offering ME anything tempered to my womanly tastes. By that I mean, send me somethign about GUYS instead! Why IS that?! Not that I'd actually buy any of it, at least not from them, but it's insultaining to be snubbed, 'cause I am a girl, by porn salesmen.

Anyway, back to what I'm NOT getting anymore.

No one trying to tell me that my Bank of America account has been hacked (so please enter my password here at this totally other site, right now, immediately).

No one from Zimgolistan telling me my long lost sister's uncle's brother was brutally slain and somehow managed to leave me bajillions of dollars that is waiting for my account number immediately urgently panic-strickenly needed right NOW. (But i can't answer because the Orphan children's dying little puppies and kitties Fund needs all my money first).

No one sending me urgent updates about how my girlfriend is completely dissatisfied with our bedroom activities. (Apparently she's telling everyone but me. If you ever meet her, tell her to quit nattering about me. But first I'd have to get a girlfriend, and that goes on the list after never.)

No one selling me fine replicas of authentic copies of top-quality reproductions of real gold watches.

No, no spam. Not even a little piece of it. Nada Nothing ZIP(puh).

Instead, I have had an entire WEEK with nothing to do but read lovely emails from you, my friends, and from REAL clients. Even newsletters arrive right on time and I don't have to try to discern the difference between marketing speech from real people and the very similar fake people spam.

How did this happen? One week ago I installed Cloudmark and I haven't seen a SPAM since. And no one is complaining that I don't get their emails anymore, either.

It really is the perfect SPAM blocker.

Anyway, that's my post for today. I don't even want to know what kind of search traffic I'll have after this one. (Gulp.)

I bet my blog gets blocked for a few days as spam.

Oy. It was worth it.

1 Responses to There needs to be a holiday for this...

  1. Kat Says:

    Lol! Love it! I fracking hate spam! Cloudblocker, huh?

    Tried 2 call u today.