Singing Fool

Mar 4, 2009 at 2:09 PM
Libs and I have been singing together a lot when we see one another. We both love rounds and harmony. We find ourselves both singing the harmonies and the melodies be damned sometimes.

There was a song that I sang with my momma during the Portland Crusade that I sang with Libs yesterday. "A tree grows in Israel" which I phonetically sing as "aht zhe zhayt eem ohm deem" and I have no idea whether that's right because I was 8 when I learned this song.

My mother donated a tree to Israel when she was a little girl (which I like to think is tail and strong now, rather than the more likely possibility that it has been blasted to smithereens). Anyway, when she did that, the people who planted that tree sang her a song in exchange for the money for the tree. It was the one mentioned above.

So we sing this song sometimes, Libs and I, Momma and I. Sometimes Kendra can be coerced to sing (she has a beautiferous voice, too, but doesn't think so).

Anyway, I enjoy it. I wish I could sing it here for you guys. Maybe I can coerce Libs back out of the boyfriend's house long enough to sing it here for you on the web cam - like the other videos I've been posting here.


You know that question: "If you had all the money you could possibly need, what would you spend your time doing?" (And then that's what you really should be doing with your life, so get off your ass.)

Well, I would sing and dance and play songs all day. Plus paint and draw. And blog.

The trouble is, I still do need money, so I work. Like the rest of us do. And I truly do love my job. Even if I'm not singing for a living. I sing while I work. Right now I'm humming the song I mentioned before.

Plus, I blog good and plenty. Not so much lately, I'm UBER-busy. Busier than usual.


  1. Kat Says:

    Kat loves you.

  2. desi Says:

    I loves Kat, too!

  3. Mr.Pete. Says:

    I want more singing! More singing! More singing! More singing! (repeat)