Ranch Living

Mar 27, 2009 at 1:18 PM
Back on the ranch. Miles of rolling hills for my side yard. Looking out at a beautiful rolling vista through glass doors that need washing. They don't do justice to the scene beyond them.

So much cleaning and painting, scrubbing and washing to do here before the girls get here.

The house is coming together, though. I think it will be wonderful to live here once it's full of people.

Libs and Sean (her boyfriend) arrive tomorrow with an open ended invite.

The girls come back in two weeks.

Then Shels and her girls come here in July.

I'll have more people here soon.

Meanwhile, I'm the only person within a square mile of myself right now.

No one to share this beautiful vista with but you my loyal blog readers.


On the upside, I found out my GPS location yesterday - the satellite install guy had a Magellan.

And my internet is working great. Hughes Net may finally be coming through - at a cost far greater than any I've ever spent on internet access before, but hey. It's working.