New pic of me

Mar 13, 2009 at 9:37 PM

My dad took this of me two days ago at WestCafe in Portland.


  1. desi Says:

    See the fancy nails? I got those on order to look all fancy-like at a work conference. Pain in the ass.

  2. Mr.Pete. Says:

    awww, so adorable. I'd hug you.

  3. Shelley Says:


  4. desi Says:

    Thanks Guys! (Blushes)

  5. Kat Says:

    CutiePatootie. I miss yer face.

  6. Mr.Pete. Says:

    I just don't get this thing you keep saying about your "great big googly eyes" as if there was something wrong with the way they are or look. I think I have seen enough pics of you to understand what you are implying, but I think you are wrong if you are thinking that you aren't beautiful. On the other hand, I may be taking you too seriously and you are just making fun of how big and bulging you think your eyes are from the viewpoint of a supermodel agent. And you're nothing like Barney Google either.