Happy Birthday to My lovely children

Mar 21, 2009 at 10:34 AM
I love my children more than life itself.

And because I NEVER EVER use personally significant numbers or words as passwords anywhere online, I can safely say that today is the birthday of my baby girls, Aurora and Miranda.

Mommy loves you. So glad you're twelve, loveys.

I remember when these amazing girls were in my womb, growing larger by the minute. I remember feeling sad that someday I wouldn't be pregnant anymore.

And then they were born, and I remember watching these amazing babies looking up at me, smelling their hair for thatsweet fresh baby smell that is like no other. My heart ached thinking they'd grow out of that stage.

But they did. My little girls became toddlers and I thought that nothing in the world could be more fun, more amazing that my little girls saying "gwayp fwood" and "awanna howg" and showing me bits of things they'd found.

But then they grew up into shining bundles of sweetness, amazingly smart little children. Sweet hug-filled wonderful happy machines that kept my busy, hectic life amazing. Daily miracles, walking and talking around like big girls.

And I was scared of losing my little girls, that they'd grow up.

Then they grew into big kids and would surprise me with beautiful artworks, breakfast in bed, making crafts and going out exploring with one another farther from the house than I'd ever dreamed I'd be OK with.

They grew into big girls with such grace and kindness, temerity and strength, that I discovered that this was definitely the best yet.

And I grew scared of them turning into teenagers.

Now, I sit here with twelve year olds. Who know more words than I ever dreamed, adn some I wish they didn't. Who can teach ME as often as I teach them. Who are the most amazingly helpful and wonderful people I can imagine ever wanting to know. Who can come up with just the riht question to totally stump me, and who can give the best hugs ever still.

And I'm afraid of them growing up even further.

But I really should know better. I've loved every single stage. I'm sure the next five or six year will b e a great stage, it will be amazing in it's own way, learning, growing into women, independent and strong, as they have been doing for years.

Welcome to your teenage years, girls. May they be as wonderful as the last twelve years have been. May we remain as strong a team as always. May you avoid the pitfalls, and may you remember that if you do have trouble wth this truly challenging time of your life, your mother will be there to help no matter what.

That is what love is, and that is what being a mom is.

I can't wait to see the next stage, even if I'll miss the old one. Happens every time.







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