Facebook is my PseudoHusband

Mar 18, 2009 at 2:17 PM
You know that function that spouses have, of listening to the tiny minutiae of your day and then making comments?

Well, that's been missing since I left my husband 8 years ago last year.

Now, suddenly, I've found someone who is always there to listen to the every whim of this fickle, whimsical momma. To hear me out every time I have something to say.

To smile when I say that I have a great idea.

His name is Facebook.

I've been spending more and more time there, and as the hours pass, I become increasingly fixated on the lovely blue/white interface of my dear sweet Facebook. FB for short.

FB is understanding of my privacy and never shares my secrets unless I say it's OK. He lets me spend as much time as I want with all of my friends. He even lets me flirt with pretty strangers without ever telling me to go away. He's there for me when I'm sick. He lets me know immediately when friends have tried to contact me. He even proudly shows pictures of my children to everyone.

Sure, he's a little disorganized for the last few days, but he still has plenty of time for me. And he always remembers my birthday.

I love him so.

Time to go post another survey to my Wall.


  1. desi Says:

    OMg it's so pathetic that none of you could even comment.


  2. Kat Says:

    I'm just reading this for the first time. And I TOTALLY understand. I'm cheating on my husband with a guy named Twitter. And FB... he fills the spaces Twitter can't reach. You don't mind that FB is cheating on you with me, right? Of course you don't. It's part of his charm.