Bloggers Unite

Mar 6, 2009 at 8:23 PM
I'm posting from my very first bloggy get together.

My friend Carri invited me to a blog and beer get together at the Green Dragon in SE Portland. It's tres chic and trendy and lots of fun so far.

Anyway, I'm still not totally sold that we have to come out of our respective woodworks to gather and gab, but maybe I will have fun.

I'll let you know later tonight with an update on this post.


It was unnecessary to bring my laptop. I had a fun time, ate some wings, sat with some people and met a whole bunch of young people who use blogging for marketing purposes and such. I talked WordPress -- a very specialized branch of English -- with a guy trying to run a mob of musicians with WordPress (poor bloke). And I found out that if I wanted to be truly social about all the social media venues, I'd never get any work done. Plus I'd get very fat on chicken wings.

Thanks, Jake, for the fries. And to the lady who took my picture for her media thingee, I say "where'd you post it?"

Nice to meet you Justin and good to see Stephanie again, I hope her chest cold improves.


And then I got my nails done this morning and get back to work.


  1. Kat Says:

    I'll check back! It can't be too bad if you still haven't updated...
    I want to be there. Hmmph.

  2. Mr.Pete. Says:

    You drink?