Shampoo Crisis

Feb 7, 2009 at 4:07 PM
Every time I buy shampoo and conditioner, I buy them in matched sets. I don't feel right using a conditioner with the wrong shampoo.

So I'm in the shower, and I use the shampoo twice, because I need to for reasons only my mother knows. But every time I do this is a simple homage to my momma.

And then I conditioner only once. I run the conditioner through with my fingers and let it sit. I use just enough to condition every strand thoroughly.

And in spite of this, I ALWAYS run out of conditioner first. The physics behind this continues to stump me.

It's when I run out of conditioner that I go buy a new matched set of shampoo and conditioner. Of which the shampoo will last longest. Inevitably.

And since I have to switch shampoo/conditioner regularly or else suffer "bleuch hair", I end up with two or three bottles of half used shampoo laying around all the time.

Why can't they just make LARGER conditioner bottles? I don't want the SAME amount in my bottles, I want portions that will run out at the exact same time.

Pet peeve of the day.


  1. Kat Says:

    Desi, we should totally hook up and purchase the same brands, then trade - I ALWAYS end up with half a bottle of conditioner when my shampoo runs out!

  2. MAH Says:

    That's too funny - it is my shampoo that always runs out first and like you, I have to buy another set - thus leaving me with many half used conditioners...