Jan 22, 2009 at 9:32 PM
I have a unique love for words.

Things like the different roots for the many slang terms involving "hook"...

Hook (a ride)
and others like Left Hook, The Hook, etc.

All have different word roots.

Ancient uses for words that we all use regularly. Like brave as in "a brave coat" or gay as in "a gay and festive affair" or nice as in "a nice sum". These also make me happy, just to hear.

I love words. Words like perspicacity and persnippety, effluence and affluence, marmalade and marmaduke, all enthrall me. I enjoy playing with them, and I enjoy filling out the remainder of an unfulfilled thought by simply beginning the process of writing it out.

Which is why I love blogging. Not only do I get to share my view of things, but i get a chance to write. Words. Real words, for all the world (or at least the three of you) to read.

I didn't say I'm any good at it, I just said I love it.

I started this blog to lessen my fear of writing publicly. Like public speaking, I had a fear of writing publicly. Which is a problem for a writer, for someone who comes up with plot stories as often as meal ideas.

Plus I was a deathly shy child. You'd never know it now, but I have been continually working on improving my willingness and confront to speak out, tell things, make words count, get my writing OUT THERE. Get my words out there.

Now I'm finally to the point where I might actually have the fortitude to truly accomplish one of my life's goals. Even if it never bears fruit or makes me money. I think sometime soon I'll turn one of those plots into a plan. And, sometime after that, I may turn one of those plans into a book. Full of words.

Very exciting to feel like I'm nearly ready.


Why is it unique? Because I know very few people like me. I have two friends, Kat and Shelley, who I feel share that love of words. And of course there is my Dad, whom I can thank (blame) for this deep and abiding love of words. But that's three out of thousands of people I know.


  1. Kat Says:


    I know what you mean. I actually LOVE sitting with a dictionary and illuminating an author's meaning by finding out all about some word or other.

    Just one thing. "I didn't say I'm any good at it, I just said I love it."

    Shut the fuck up.

    I don't have much (okay zero) tolerance or sympathy for your self-depreciation on this subject. You are a communicator. You express yourself concisely, poignantly, and well. Sometimes even beautifully.

    So, just... don't do that to yourself. Just knock it off. Or you're going to get your ass kicked.

  2. Words are pretty cool, but make sure the book has plenty of pictures too. I mean some us us ain't all wordy an smart, but we loves us some good picture shows. :)

  3. LL Cool Joe Says:

    I'm not a word person I have to say, but I love images.

    I do enjoy writing, but unfortunately I'm not one for using beautiful descriptive words. Does that make what I say less important?

    Nice blog. ;)