Schmeekly Meanderings

Jan 19, 2009 at 2:08 PM
Quit doing that days of the week thing. You know what I mean. Weekly Wind-Up, Friday Fantasies, Wednesday Wanderings, Monday Matriculations. Whatever.

I'm reminded of a movie reference to a movie. We've got mail, Tom Hanks copies The Don, "Monday, Wednesday, Thursday".


I think you're making me older faster, by pointing out all the time that days are ticking by.

I don't think with days of the week. Another reason that working at home for or by myself appealed to me.

And every time you mention what day of the week it is, or write themed posts based on a particular day, I get slammed into the same day as you, whereas previously I was where ever I wanted to be.

You're messing up my personal space-time continuum, but you don't stop there. You're now adding to that offense the crime of making me have to limit my frame of reference on that time, into smaller spaces. Now that I'm slammed into the same day as you, you then compartmentalize that day to be ENTIRELY and ONLY about some theme or meme.

Jeezy creezy. I prefer to blog about whatever I feel like talking about whenever I feel like talking about it. No danged tiny boxes to fit in for ME, thanks.

I'm now going to ignore the titles of your blog posts and judge the "day-themed" posts on their private merits, without any consideration of the theme's gimmick.

On the other hand, some of my very favorite posts of all-o-y'alls were sometimes themed. So for those posts, and to those posts, I say "Well done on rising up to the creme out of the cruft of a meme or the schmulz of a theme".

Wow, that rhymes.

OK, From now on, Monday is "Rhyming Accolades Monday".