Obama Speech in Brief

Jan 20, 2009 at 3:00 PM


1. Click through the link if you want, because the comments beneath this speech (eloquent yet minimalistically florid speech about coming together and bringing forth our better character and urging patience in the hard times ahead) are so petty and small that I feel discouraged about the dwindling intelligencia, the shrinking numbers of the well-spoken among us, the thoughtful and the considerate. All comments about political parties or race. So totally not the point.

So he's mixed race, neither black nor white. Both black and white. Get over his blackness or lack thereof. What the blazes does it have to do with his? ...


or other important qualities...

Nothing, I say. The vast majority of the comments completely miss the point of the speech or the man. He's President. He's mixed race, like my children. Good. No label defines him to the point where you can pigeonhole him. It's freeing. So forget race and move on to his character. Because that is ALL that matters right now.

He's of a political party I have been VERY disappointed by in the past. But they can all disappoint. Or they can all rise beyound labels. Let's hope, despite whatever you may have him labeled as, that he can be a good President and that our tenuous hold on the America we love is not altered. Change can be good or bad. Let's hope there is more good than bad. And let's hope nothing that our freedoms pivot on is changed.

2. You know, I'm one of the few people I know who doesn't feel strong emotions about Barack Obama. He makes me uneasy, but it is just a gut reaction to the unknown. I don't like unknowns. He is a mystery in action. His words are evocative, yet vague. He has unknown potential as a leader, and I suppose I'm just waiting to see what happens when the well chosen words stop and the signing of bills start.

I've told you before, I judge leaders by the actions and laws they create, not the words they say. So I'm still holding my breath on our new President.

3. Will he make a good President? I honestly don't know. None of us do, because if you think you do, you're acting on FAITH, which is only applicable to religious matters. Faith does not apply to leadership, unless we're willing to go back to having Pharoahs or God Kings. Which America is definitely not founded on. So it's time for a "wait and see" approach.


  1. I voted for Obama because he seemed alright and because I truly despised McCain. Really when voting it's based on hopes and gut feeling. The real opinions will be formed throughout the first term where you can judge by action.

  2. What I liked best in his speech were the parts about how people need to take personal responsibility for themselves and their families. That people need to be able to make "hard choices" which I took to imply that people need to live within their means, and also some mention that people need to be willing to work to get ahead (I can't recall exactly how he worded it). There are a lot of people who really need to learn those lessons.

  3. desi Says:

    I'm Libertarian, so my politics of government are pretty much exactly opposite the liberal view of the function of government within society.

    Still, I can't help but hope that someone of his obvious intelligence and youth can do a good job. The way any of us voted is immaterial at this point. Our President will hopefully remember that he represents a LOT of people like me too.

  4. Kat Says:

    I'm also one of the few people I know who doesn't feel strong emotions about Barack Obama.

    I am hopeful - I hope that he'll do a good job, that there will be more good than bad, that everyone's hopes won't be squashed like a bug. We shall see!

  5. Mister Pete Says:

    My niggling concern is that the conspiracists could have it right. This could be just a continuation in a different vein towards US socialism. The PATRIOT Act or the war wasn't free-market capitalism or constitutional. And neither is a bunch of stuff on the liberal platform. On the other hand, it doesn't open the door to a handling, so is not the Why. But only as far as I can see. I am hoping that Human Rights issues will be addressed rather than the protection of special interests. He seems pretty competent. Competent enough to get elected. I just hope he has the same goals as I.