Monopoly, Maturity, Music, etc

Jan 16, 2009 at 6:58 PM
My little sister and I have been playing Monopoly every couple of days since she got here.

We both LOVE playing this endless game, and we both have the same house rules. Free Parking contains a pot, which accrues all taxes and fees throughout the game. Landing directly on Go gets you $400. Neither of us cheat, we both always own up to paying our rent whether asked or not, and our trades are usually pretty fair.

However, I hate to lose this game.

It's not Libby's fault. She s the most fun to play it with of anyone I know. It's leftover from playing with my older sister, who always won... and always cheated. I think I'm scarred for life.

Anyway, we're totally even right now, she's won as many as I have.

But I've been conceding once it's clear I've lost, whereas Libs will play through the very end.

And that makes her a better sport than me. At 12 years my junior.


My little sister is 12 years younger, if you didn't catch that. She's really quite lazy, an amazing artist, and my very favorite person that didn't spring from my loins.

We get along better than any two sisters ever, I think. Positively wonderfully. I think the only time we've fought in the last few years was ONCE, last year when she was going through a very difficult time and had made a few bad choices.

I called them like I saw them. Thing was, I was wrong. But not about enough of it for me to feel too bad for calling her out on it.

So, anyway, once that was all worked out, we were back to normal.

Plus, she's been coming into her own recently, more than I think even she realizes. I think it won't be much longer before she'll be a grown-up, at least something approximating a grownup, but with punky hair and piercings and tats and stuff. And probably however it is that she chooses to be a grown-up, it'll be unconventional and truly won't conform to any kind of recommended allowed suggestions made by family.

Partly why I'm keeping my mouth shut about recommendations. I know better. You never knew a more willful person in your life.

I love that about her.

She reminds me of what I was before I had my kids. I lost my own identity for a while, just became "mom". Which is honestly fine. I really didn't have time to be much more than mom. But that's changing.

Back to the point. Libs, and why I love her.

We have a GREAT DEAL in common. Plus, what we dont' have in common, I admire.

What does it say about me that someone twelve years younger than me can be one of my very best friends?

I guess it's OK when it's your sister. But I have been feeling a little less mature than usual these days. But it's especially OK because I've been feeling less mature while also feeling less weighed down by the world and less "old".

So it's all working out. Libs' been getting more mature, and I've been getting less. Soon we'll reach equalibrium.


Yesterday, Libs was playing piano in my house. Handel pieces, very soothing, very clean. I love them.

I was cleaning while she played, and then sitting and fixing my laptop (which I did a beautiful job of, beautiful new screen installed without a hitch). And then I was sitting on the couch just listening.

She is quite a beautiful pianist. She's better at reading sheet music than me; my forte is playing them until I perfect them and can play them without sheets. She knows about 500 more pieces than me, but must have sheets with her -- which explains the half-suitcase of piano books she brought along.

It was so unbelievable lovely to have someone playing my piano other than me. And especially lovely to have it be my little sister.


What else did I remind you to have me write about? I'm too lazy busy to figure it out right now.


  1. Kat Says:

    Lovely. I like Libby.

    What does it say about you that someone twelve years younger than you can be one of your very best friends? It says that you are a cool person who doesn't get hung up on the age of a body. Feeling less mature/old is a wonderful thing. =)

  2. My sister is 13 years younger than me. I had to be very patient to get to the point where I felt we could be friends, rather than me being more of a babysitter to her, but we're there now, and it's awesome.

  3. Shelley Says:

    Congrats on getting the laptop fixed!