Dec 18, 2008 at 6:53 PM
Tonight, in the last twenty minutes:

I have been serenaded by a four part Mariachi band while standing on the hotel balcony at sundown.

Asked to be the new lover of a fishing boat captain named Alex.

Asked for my heart to stay free of attachment until April, when I return, by the amazingly handsome man I went surfing with last week.

Told that I am the sexiest woman on earth and to please give him (unknown gorgeous man) a kiss.

And given a beautiful shell by a blushing 18 year old boy who says I am mui linda, clapped his hands over his heart and ran away. All the people here know I am obsessed with spiral shaped shells. This one is a beauty.

I swear I must be reeking pheremones or something. They were all so handsome. No crunk ugly people tonight.


Every day I walk to conchal, and pick up seashells I love and more trash.

I walk up to the security guard at the beach, tell him I have trash today ("Mucho basuro oi"). He says "every day" ("todo las dias") and I say "Claro" (understood).

Then I ask him if there is good water today. He says, yes, and I say thanks.

I took pictures today of many things I've discussed. I can't get them off my camera just yet, but when I do, I'll upload them.


  1. C.S. Perry Says:

    Man. I wish I was where you are right about now. I could use a little of that.
    Maybe our paths would cross and we could share some sweet wine on the beach and bitter whiskey at the bar and stumble through the broken streets until we found the next adventure. And, in the long night, we could discovery the latest, hidden Miracles.
    But...I'd probably miss you there and we'd pass on the street like all the other strangers.
    Such is la dolce vita.

  2. I can't even remember the last time anyone flirted with me. I need to fly to a sunny land filled with gorgeous, uninhibited men.

  3. Cat Says:

    I could so use a bit of that romance myself. Enjoy, you lucky linda

  4. Shelley Says:

    You superstars just need to learn to put up with all that love and attention!