Dec 11, 2008 at 6:45 PM
Ants here are not ants. They are vicious horrible creatures hidden in the body of an ant.

The bites I'm dealing with right now (with ooddles of prescription strength brightly colored crud) are seriously not from ants.

The local word for ants is hormigas.

Shelley told me that her daughter refuses to believe ants and hormigas are the same thing.

Now I see why.

I am down for the count right now, typing while lying with my legs elevated; all from hormigas.

These ants seem harmless. They look like the little tiny sugar ants in your kitchen. I wasn't the least bit scared of them. But now I've got 15 bites and a massive case of OMG-I-hurt.

The good news is the fever broke.

Talk to you tomorrow as I continue to tackle the universe of the unknown one allergic reaction at a time.


  1. Cat Says:

    Oh my god, what the heck? Wait, are they actually ants or something else? That is totally scary, I hope you're ok!

  2. That's shocking. What is it about warm places? All the creatures who live there are horribly poisonous.