Dirt Rich, Cash Poor, Love Rich, People Poor

Dec 27, 2008 at 7:40 PM
I am back on the ranch.

While I was gone, my parents moved me into a different house on the ranch, and went to the trouble to care for my dog, my plants and to decorate my new house for Christmas.

They went to the trouble to make my house a home, to make up my bed, to put my thigns in places in the new house, and to work on making it a home, so I had something to come home to.

THere was a dying fire in the woodstove when I arrivde, and there was wood stacked and ready.

My things were in shelves and my living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom were at least halfway put together.

There were two miniature Christmas trees put together in various places in my new house.

I cried a little.


After the traveling, I am dirt poor. Or actually, I'm DIRT rich and CASH poor. I brought my little sister back to the ranch with me, and she's currently sleeping down at the lower house. Everyone who arrives on the ranch sleeps for several days. It's so darn quiet, that your body uses the absolute silence to re-charge. It's inevitable that I will aso run into a sleep cocoon at some point, and you'll wonder what happened for a few days, because I won't be blogging.

And then I'll come out of it, and Dad will be here, and my step-mom Marie will be here, and not very many other people.

And this is why cities are not for me: There are VERY few people here, but every single one of them matters to me.

Only THESE people could have dragged my ass back from Costa Rica. I was THIS CLOSE to never, ever coming back.

Maybe I'm crazy, but the rain and wind feels wonderful. HOME feels wonderful.


  1. desi Says:

    One of my miniature trees wasn't even fake. How sweet is that? Wen't up the hill and killed one of the seedlings for me. I'm not sure I wouldn't be mad about it if it wasn't such a sweet gesture. But when you plant 30,000 trees, I guess you can kill one or two for holiday reasons...

  2. That's just lovely. You have a wonderful family, not that you need to hear it from anyone else...
    Enjoy your coccooning!

  3. Welcome home