What I'm Actually thankful for

Nov 26, 2008 at 11:33 PM
There are no words for how much I miss my kids when they're not with me.

I can hear them singing me "Sweet Betsey from Pike" in the back of my mind right now. Somehow the Kareoke across the street reminded me of it.

Today, I met some new people, as usual. Costs Rica is a land of transient beauties, flitting in and out of places. It has a great number of very lonely, very pretty people.

These people make mock, skating the surface thoughts through polite discourse and I instead bring up real items, find out real thoughts, ask pointed honest questions.
It brings these people into present time, into the moment, and around to a more honest, happy kind of talking. I don't like being facetious or coming up with campy droll inuendos. I want true communication, and sometimes it makes for great friends. Like Kat and Shelley, who are the same way. And sometimes it results in people being truly weirded out. I'm not all buggy eyed or anything, I'm just being me.

And eventually somehow I always end up in silly anecdotes about kids. I've learned funny baby stories about a whole heck of a lot of people here.

It always renews my faith in others how SOOO many of us love our children THIS much.

I can't wait to bring my little livewires with me next time. They brighten up lives everywhere they go, and this will be no exception.

I've already made my girls so real, simply from blabbing about them all the time, that they have a playdate for the first weekend after I bring them next year with several children from the local school. Two little adorable french girls, and my nieces, plus a few friends of theirs.

I love children. Three is nothing better in the entire world than a happy child. Children live the way we all should, jumping feet first into everything, putting their whole selves into every action, meaning every emotion down to the very core of their being.

Everyone should live this way. It's messy, it's terribly harder to live a calm, plateau'ed existence in it, but it is so ALIVE.

It is always wonderful to see the little kids playing in the surf here.

But soon I'll need my own kids again. At least they are with their daddy, who actually rocks as a parent. I have nothing bad to say about him here.

Argh. Ugh. I can't wait to see my kids again.


  1. I like kids when they're too young to play it cool. Sadly, kids start worrying about coolness younger and younger these days. They should just BE. We should all just be.

  2. Kat Says:

    I love you, my sweetie pie.

    "Everyone should live this way. It's messy, it's terribly harder to live a calm, plateau'ed existence in it, but it is so ALIVE."

    *sigh* What a relief to hear somebody else say that. Messy and harder but alive, and FUN and ADVENTUROUS. I mean, what the hell is life for if not for having a messy, alive bunch of fun?