Sad Sad Sad

Nov 13, 2008 at 3:59 PM
I went for a walk today to rid myself of these here blues.

The sky was dull and grey, agreeing with me.

Then the clouds burst apart and disappeared into nothing and I cheered up.


A small crab was using a piece of a cheap beer cup as shelter.

ATV tracks ran up and down the beach. I saw literally hundreds of ATVs on the beach yesterday. Going at TOP speed, crushing anything and everything in their rush to see every beach on this coast. All my beautiful patterns in the sand destroyed. You can blame ATVs for the loss of the turtle population. Three times I saw a clutch of turtle eggs that had been destroyed by ATVs.

And Shelley points out to me that if that mommy turtle wants to even get to the beach, she's going to have to get past PACKS of waveriders.

Yes, the off season is officially over.

It's sobering.

Even reserved beaches get ATV traffic. And ATVs are illegal on the beach here. But illegal is a flexible thing here. If you have money.

There need to be more reserved beaches and better enforcement (and a change to the "it can be bribed away" mentality) if the turtle population is still going to exist in another 50 years. Technically the Conchal beach next door should not be able to call itself a reserve. It may be called "Reserva Conchal" but that is not a real reserva (reserve), more like a gilded lily. You shouldn't be able to call something a "reserve" and put a hotel and housing and golf courses and spas on it.

Maybe a "private reserve" or something.

Makes me a wistful and furious to see this perfect place trashed so.

1 Responses to Sad Sad Sad

  1. Kat Says:

    Sounds like it is a reserve, just not the intended definition. Too bad. The turtles would make me v. sad too.