Proof that Anyone Can Find Love

Nov 5, 2008 at 4:17 PM

Someone loves this dog enough to give it a diamond collar. Kind of gives me hope.

Maybe I just need to let my tongue loll out to the side like that.

BTW, Happy Guy Fawkes Day.


  1. Grahame Says:

    Did you know that self-invalidation comes from the accumulation of invalidation you have received from others?

    (And a happy GF day to you too.)

  2. desi Says:

    Where's the self inval?

  3. desi Says:

    GUys, in case the post wasn't obvious about it - I was being TONGUE IN CHEEK, Snarky, Silly, and whatever else. Mostly I simply had to show off the ridiculous picture of a doggie that I found on Robin's page on MySpace. I mean, COME ON, wouldn't you want to post that picture if you saw it?

    (Meanwhile, I am trying to learn to loll my tongue like that. I'm a sexy BEAST! hee hee.)

  4. Kat Says:

    Dude, your 'hawk is way sexier than that dogs. And you won't even wear diamonds. Who needs to be that hot.

    Got your mssg, btw, will call u tomororw!

  5. C.S. Perry Says:

    I can see the truth in "love is blind." But apparently it can't smell, taste or touch either.