A Lovely Demise

Nov 22, 2008 at 11:49 AM
Right now there is a tree slowly sinking into the sand on the beach. The sand, in its inevitable way, is swallowing the tree whole. In a few years, mas o menos, after it's been forgotten, it will arise again from beneath the sand. Slowly it will effortlessly defy gravity and ooze itself up from out of the sand, honed and polished into a unique piece of art. But not a tree anymore. I love that.

Meanwhile, the branches are sticking up into the sky, twisting into odd shapes, reminding me of Bernini's statue of Apollo and Daphne.

Very beautiful. Especially with ten kids chasing each other around it and laughing. Even better.

There is another tree further down the beach - in the direction that the sand and the tide will eventually pull the new tree as well, that has completed the cycle and is now shrugging one shoulder up out of the sand further down the beach. It looks like that beautiful scene about the birth of the Sandman in "Spiderman 3" (which I thought was well worth the ticket price all by itself, and was utterly unexpected in a comic book movie).

Anyway, I love to sit on the shrugging shoulder, with the tide coming in over my feet. It feels like I have my own roost on which to sit and peruse the ocean. Makes me feel regal. Like it was created especially for me. Especially since it is right where I used to sit and look out anyway. It just pushed up out of the sand last week. Exactly when I needed it to.



  1. desi Says:

    Just a note. What does it say about me that my formative opinion of the most romantic thing in the world, after seeing my parents kiss one day, was the statue of Apollo and Daphne. The myth is so anti-romantic, and the story so terribly tragic. And yet I wanted to be Daphne. I wanted the God of all things beautiful and handsome, the god of art and light and all that, to be in love with me, and of course what girl wouldn't want to turn into a beautiful tree.

  2. Kat Says:

    Desi, you're something.

    I love this post.

    That sandman scene is my favorite thing in any of the Spidey movies!