Costa Rica, More Thoughts and Musings

Oct 30, 2008 at 12:17 AM
I've been for another swim today. I met a man with an iguana. I named his Iguana "Juan Dos" and he told me his name and I couldn't understand it. I laughed.

Then I walked home. Found a pack of smokes on the way - my old brand of all things - and toyed with the idea of keeping it. I didn't.

Walked past a fisherman who reeled in his line so I could cross the river.

Foudn a piece of bamboo and an empty two liter bottle floating in the river. I grabbed up both. I carried the trash to a trash can and threw it away.

The beach is pretty clean today actually. THat was the only trash I found - the smokes and the 2 liter bottle.

I cleaned up the bamboo. It'll make a great Bo staff. Exactly 6 feet long. It'll be a little shorter after I've cleaned it up and let it dry out.

Came back to the hotel and got hugs and kisses from Shelley's kids.

Good day.

Ticos are getting educated bettr than they used to, plus they are having lots of kids, which means population growth. Also, they are happy to allow other people - as long as they are productive or turistas - into their country.

This means they will be a burgeoning force to be reckoned with in ten or twenty years. (Some disagree because of the social mores, it might be 30 or 40 years.) Not a third world country by any means. They are already well on their way. Everyone here is working in some way. I see no idle hands.

And they are generally quite happy. I don't see a lot of grumpy or angry people here. It really is a pura vida kind of place. I like it.