There is no slanted media.

Oct 25, 2008 at 3:41 PM
Oh my god, here they are talking about the potential future VP with an absolute assumption of loss.

OK. Regardless of how you plan to vote - this kind of obvious manipulation is GALLING. The media mguls must think we're gullible saps.

"Gee, that sounds like fun. I guess i'd better not vote for Republican presidency, or else The Palin Pulpit will never be a show, and I wanna see that!

WOW. I would like to point out that you cannot get away with this kind of blatant manipulation in a society of thinkers.

Wake up people. Stop watching the stupid news to know what you think. Think for yourselves!!


  1. Mister Pete Says:

    See FOX News for this type of behaviour with a right-wing slant. What do you think of NPR & PBS?

  2. desi Says:

    I don't watch TV news. EVER. On any channel. And I don't listen to Radio news. EVER. I found ALL of them gallingly slanted in someone's favor. The media seems to mainly push agendas - someone's. Anyone's. I don't like propoganda and I do have the ability to spot it.

    So I avoid all news sources, other than the AP, which I read a direct feed of - which is about it.

    But I do listen to the Podcast of "Wait wait" from NPR. I love that show, mostly because it makes fun of things without sacrificing intellect.

  3. Grahame Says:

    I'm with you Desi. I get my news from sources I trust on the Internet, but even then I keep a large pitcher of salt handy for all those "pinches".