More pieces of Costa Rica

Oct 28, 2008 at 9:17 PM
I have made friends with a local dog and cat - I've named them Bubble and Smippet. By making friends I mean: I feed them and they let me pretend that they love me in exchange for it. But being the food whores they are, once I leave, they will love the next gullible guest in the hotel.

They are very good at their job and I wish I could take them home.

Oscar is the little guard dog that lives here. He's fed and cared for by the hotel staff, in exchange for the lovely job he does. Bubble is Oscar's girlfriend.

Bubble, Smippet and I had a lovely casados today for dinner. We all shared, and there is nothing left of the chicken.

I'm extending my stay (if I can finagle it).

We took a trail ride adventure tour. Ride up on a horse, enjoy the spa, look at teh mud pools and maybe see volcano stuff, ride back.

Sounds great, right?

The ride up was tough. I had trouble finding what style to use with my horse. It wanted no particular style. I tried every system of signals I knew, and the horse ignored me. I realized after a lot of angry horse time that this horse was trined to ignore all commands unless they came from the cute cowboy who we were riding with. He would make 9 little kissing noises in a row when he wanted the horses to go, or was trying to cajole one of the horses into taking a trail it just didn't want to. He would say "shhhh" like he was telling a little kid to be quiet when he wanted the horses to stop. Or "hohoho" (like a bored hispanic santa claus) to get one to stop short.

His horse was an albino dream - did everything it was told. So did mine, really, as long as HE told it what to do.

Anyway, my horse hated me and wanted me off of him. He kept trying to rub me off on trees, and to bite off the saddle. It was not a good horse.

I was bushed when we got there and it took a while for my thighs to stop hurting.

The cowboy just sat there - next to the horses - waiting for us to come back. Whatever, we're on Costa Rican time. It didn't matter to him how long we took. Whenever we came back, he'd take us back down to the hotel and restaurant. He went and squated cowboy style next to the tip jar. I tipped him about a buck fifty and felt silly. We'd paid a nice gringo price for the day trip. Certainly wasn't tico prices. Why was the tip jar there? Wasn't he getting paid twice then?

It wasn't like he pointed out the wildlife.

There was a beautiful butterfly called a Morpho that we saw many of. Brown on one side, brilliantly blue on the other. Plus i saw many monarchs and a few brilliantly black/white/red ones that may also have been monarchs of a different variety. I heard, but didn't see, howler monkeys.

Plus I saw a ery small moth that looked like a shrimp.

We sauna'ed, and we put mud on ourselves. The shower didn't have any hot water in it, so Shelley and the kids were scared away. It was "freezing" and "too cold" and it felt lukewarm to me -- lucky Oregon girl. It was nice mountain spring water. It was actually refreshing to be a little colder than usual. I'm almost never cold anymore. You miss it a little. (I know, "Poor Desi misses the cold. Boo f--king hoo." Well I do. A little.)

In the hot spring/mud pool thing, I started a detox. The old man in charge of the mud pools had said not to stay in longer than 15 minutes, but Shelley and I said "why the hell not" and stayed in the mud for probably an hour. Maybe more.

We took a break and I had a Coca-cola with peanuts in it. Nobody puts peanuts in their coca-cola here. I got to feel smugly superior and very interesting for a minute.

I loved swimming around the muddy hot clay pool thing. FUN. I tried to float, but Katherine kept swimming over and laying on my floating belly, which makes it harder. But is awfully adorable. A completely muddy little kiddo is a lovely thing to see grinning up at you with absolute mischevious trust.

I showered and could NOT get all the clay out of the cracks. Oh well. It's all gonna wash off eventually. Shelley's nails weren't just dirty, they were STAINED.

I detoxed all day after that. a LOT. And today. A lot. I drank a metric TON of water today to help overcome it. I was CLEAN - inside and out. I'll do my best to undo all that on my birthday.

On the ride home, I had to ride a different horse. My horse was gone, having been ridden back by someone else. I rode a very nice horse. No problemo. This time Shelley had the asshole horse that tried to knock her off. Shelley's not an experienced rider and so she got numerous scratches and scrapes. My inner thighs and my ass felt like they might never return to normal function.

When we all got back to Shelley's house, we were so tired that each of us in turn ended up on the floor trying to do yoga and got stuck there. Not as a joke, just seriously too tired to get up.

I stayed in various "open up the back, heal the hips" poses for a while.

Today, I woke up in literal agony. I tested the various boundaries on the pain I felt by lifting first one leg, then the other. Attempts to sit down failed, so I ate breakfast standing up.

I had to work. having missed yesterday. So I sat down. It was pure torture.

I tred to find a comfortable position and realized that moving around was robably not smart, because it hurt. So, I stopped testing the boundaries and instead, I did some more stretches, made myself take a walk, even "dance" a little (swing my hips around, so they'd recognize my usual motion again), and try to get better. Only now is the pain fading.

But yesterday was SOOO wroth it. It was a beautiful day. The weather was awesome. I got lightly rained on all the way back, which basically just kept the mosquitoes off, and kept me cool. I saw the "lone tree" and "rock against fading light" views that make every mountainous trail ride worth it. I saw some beautiful canopy, a lot of amazing lichen, vines, forest plants, and aloe plants the size of a house. Literally.

Another thing to know about me: When there is an uncomfortable silence occuring, I turn into a chatty Cathy doll. And Shelley brought the ex-husband and his future-wife along. TEN-SION!! So I couldn't shut my mouth. All the way up the mountain and back, and the many hours in the car both ways. Chitty chatty chat chat. It worked. I'll never have to see the future-wife again. She was obviously sick of me. She was trying to have a romantic excursion with her future husband, but all I noticed about Mario is that he didn't pay for anything. Seroiusly, just because Shelley works doesn't mean he shouldn't pay for one of his kids horse rides (I did that), or pay for their food at the various restaurants (Shelley as usual).

I got disgusted enough that I even rolled my eyes at him. Don't scoff. It might work. It's a VERY powerful tool and women in my family do not abuse it. When you have "big google-y eyes" you need to weild that power carefully. I chose wisely. He needs to stop being cheap when he's out with his kids.

More useless facts.

Tomorrow I will be unsore enough to swim again. And I will do so unless the sky breaks open again.

I am still doing well physically, Getting fitter every day. Not smoking.

I love living on the beach like this.

The maid lost some of my clothes in the wash. (Gave them to the wrong guest? Sent them to cousins? Unknown.) So I had to buy some more. I look ridiculous in them. Oh well. They'll be stolen in the next wash so I'm not going waste time worrying about what use I'll have for such tacky beachwear once I get home.