Oct 16, 2008 at 3:47 PM
I wanted to find out what Barack Hussein Obama means.

Here is the meaning of the word OBAMA.

I like this better than the fake urban legend definition (Islamic for "terrorist" -- idiotic on a thousand levels -- not least of which is that Islam is not a language.)

Obama apparently means "Crooked Man" or "Bent Man" - which is supposedly a reference to his grandfather's appearance upon birth. Crooked was most likely a reference to a crooked body part. As such, the crooked reference is unlikely to have the same negative connotation in the original tongue that it does in English.

According to Sarah Silverman (some source, huh?) Barack means "lightning". This site agrees.

Hussein is too common a name to really consider the connection to any other famous Hussein. But the meaning can be considered and that is good or good-looking boy.

So Barack means "lightning" in hebrew, Hussein means "handsome good boy" and Obama means "crooked man".

So his name means "lightning handsome good boy bent crooked man".

Wow, that's quite an omen right there... If you believe in that sort of thing. A good boy but a lightning fast man bent on something? Or surprise handsome crooked guy?

It's just hoo-hah really, but fun to chew on when there is just WAY too much significance being associated with his name by everyone everywhere.

Yes, he's got an awful name. But that's not why you vote for a person. It is the meaning of the words that COME OUT OF HIS MOUTH that one should pay attention to. I won't even mention what I think about them. You guys already know I'm Libertarian.