I ignore stuff

Oct 25, 2008 at 9:23 PM
I chose to go for a second swim in the ocean today.

I ignored the advice of Shelley, who says I need to get out of the ocean when I get a little tired, and not overdo it.

I ignored my mother's advice (ringing in my head despite it being twenty years old) that said don't ever swim alone.

I ignored my own fear of swiming in the ocean in the daytime.

I swam well past the point of tired. I swam out out out and around the rocks to conchal and then up to conchal and up onto rocks, and jumped off, and then swam back to shore. I took lots of breaks to simply lie back in a float and rest. The good thing about a very salty ocean is that it is terribly easy to stay afloat in. Feels like flying, there is simply no effort in staying up.

It was sultry and warm and rocking and soft and totally not like my usual ocean-going experience.

Yes, I understand that the ocean is a two-faced bitch who will take my life if I let her. But today she was in a lovely mood and I took advantage.

I enjoyed myself tremendously. I lay back and floated along on the top of the waving, swaying water. I did long deep strokes until I realized I was FAR too far away from shore.

I returned to where I could feel the shells on the bottom again, and simply rested, laying down on top of the waves. Then I swam up and walked home. Past the too-friendly oozing tico boy trying to sell himself to me ("me sculpa"), past the flirty policeman who probably wanted a bribe, talking in sweetly demeaning terms for me that I've heard out of so many here. I smiled, said "yo no se, no comprendo", waved and kept walking.

Past a pack of dogs trying to tell me to buzz off - they wanted that section of beach for whatever reason - ("shoo! a fuera!"). Past the children wanting to sell me flipper fin shoes ("lo ciento, no pocetas" and the universal empty pocket signal).

Back to my room and back to work.

Can't ignore everything.


The most beautiful girl I think I've ever SEEN works at the Sol Y Luna, the Soda (the local word for a little restaurant cafe thing) across the town square. I can't help but stare at her. She probably thinks I'm a lesbian or something cause she looks at me funny now. What amazes me most is that she appears to have NO IDEA she's so pretty. I mean she is absolutely stunningly pretty in every possible measurement. But all she does all day, or cares to do from what I can tell, is take orders from locals -- the reason I bring this up is that this would never happen in the states. She'd be working in LA. SAhe'd have been sent to do modeling in New York by her family or SOMETHING. But the people here seem happy in their lives no matter what they look like. No matter what they do. It's an intensely strange thing for me to see. We're a lot more image oriented in the states.


  1. Kat Says:

    Des, I love these snippets of life there... so different from here. I've missed stuff on your blog. I'll be back tomorrow for more. Missulvu.

  2. desi Says:

    Kat, it's nice to know i'm not the only one reveling in the alternate reality. It's like getting to visit another planet - the ground rules here are just different in every possible way. Even gravity and magnetic pull feel a tiny bit different here...

  3. Kat Says:

    That is cool - I know what you mean. I envy you for it.

  4. Ann Says:

    You visited my little corner of the blogsphere today, thank you!

    This post is beautiful.

  5. Lapa37 Says:

    Wonderful description of your swim in the ocean almost made me want to go for a swim.ALMOST. I am not an ocean type person.But you made it sound so relaxing at times.P.S.thanks for dropping by my place.