History of Blog Topics

Oct 2, 2008 at 12:11 PM
Wow. Amazing article from Jennifer Laycock. Love the charts and detailed analysis -- got it as part of work-related SEO stuff, but found it interesting only on a personal level.

Read: Bloggers Really Do Talk About Everything - By Jennifer Laycock

It's nice to know that topic bloggers and world-events related bloggers are still dominant. The graph makes that obvious. It's also nice to se the growth of the blogging world displayed in such crystal clear clarity. I feel very secure.

I wonder how the financial hullabaloo will rank? Higher than the Hezbolah thing? Maybe not, but I think so. 1. A LOT more bloggers every day. 2. A lot of scared people out there. The only item that might temper that down is that the financial crisis is a lot more spread out over time.