Conch Shells and Public Relations

Oct 21, 2008 at 2:10 PM
I found a few pieces of conch shell on the beach today. It's as heavy and thick as a slice of marble. And as beautiful. I can't imagine how beautiful of a floor it would make if you could slice it up. I want a floor made of conch shell. It would be a readily renewable building material. And, unlike rare rocks, easy to grow more of.

The better water-knife and laser cutting tech we've got nowadays would make such a thing quite simple and easy compared to previous time periods. I think someone should get on that. You could sell that kind of surface to environmentally considerate people.

Of course, that depends on why they're environmentalists. Are they worried about killing things? If so, then that kind of environmentalism has no solution. In order to stop kiling things, we'd have to die. And humanity will never stop killing whatever it must kill to survive.

What environmentalism means to me is looking for ways to replace the linear use model with a renewable circular model. For instance. American logging is now a circular model. No need to place attention there. Not a single tree in America cuts cut down that is not replaced with a seedling. Renewable, circular. Perhaps not the USAGE of that wood, but quit bugging the timber ranches, people. They're doing it RIGHT now.

The red meat industry is absolutely linear. Only when a cow is used for a work-implement (plow), provides dairy, and is worked until old and THEN slaughtered for food does it make a nonlinear model. A small farm mentality toward cows is the ONLY method that makes sense, and is remotely circular. So I generally avoid cow meat that was produced en masse - or I try to. They have to make that model less linear first.


I took that walk North today. The Hyatt is going to build a hotel on the beach a kilometers down the beach to the north. They're going to rename that section of Playa Brasilito to some other made-up beach name so that they don't get the PR associated with Brasilito, and so they don't help out the existing tourism for Brasilito. Not very nice of them. And so they can make up a more exotic history for it, etc, I would guess.

It' the far North section of the Playa Brasilito, and there is a natural jetty created by a rock outcropping. Which of course creates very dangerous currents, as all such do. That would be why the original hotel (this one) was placed right where it is. Nice beach, easy currents, with just a slow drag northward... toward that area where the Hyatt's going to be. Wicked undercurrents there. The whole beach's current ends up sucking back out to sea there. But the Hyatt doesn't care, apparently. Or maybe they don't know how these things work.

It's going to be priced out of anyone local's price range, anyway. And since the hotel is a reasonable, authentic kind of place, rather than a tourist trap, it's not really going to pull any of Shelley's customers away, according to her. I'd agree. You get a totally different public - someone wanting the view but not the experience.

I picked up more trash. It's good exercise. I'm losing at least a pound a day right now.

1 Responses to Conch Shells and Public Relations

  1. Kat Says:

    Righteous weight loss. Funny about the Hyatt. I'd rather stay at Shelly's. Its always been funny to me to see people travel across the world only to look for what is safe and familiar. Why bother going?