Sep 20, 2008 at 11:38 PM
Results of the latest poll:

How Important is blogging to you? I mean, if you couldnt' do it anymore somehow how big a deal would it be?

Worse than losing my firstborn to roving, raving lunatic gypsies. 2 (40%)

I'm not sure I'd survive the withdrawal sysmptoms. 2 (40%)

I cannot imagine existence without blogging at least as often as I want to and sometimes even when I don't. 2 (40%)

While the new HADRON super collider is sucking my house into the brand new black hole next month, my last thought is going to be how I'm going to blog about it. 5 (100%)

The second I quit, I'd start thinking about how I could turn it into a learning experience, and how that would be good to share with my friends, and then I'd be thinking how the best way to tell them would be to post a new blog about it. 2 (40%)

(If you want another option, get off my blog!) 0 (0%)

I'm glad to know that Kat "borrowed" this from me. She's always welcome to rob me. Anytime. LINK LOVE definitely fixes it. :)

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