Kickass Speech Given to UN by a girl my age when she was 12.

Sep 29, 2008 at 9:39 PM

Dang. I remember feeling the same way. Amazing that she stood up and said it.

And I really remembered while watching it the looming feear of adulthood my generation grew up with. It's amazing what fear-mongers can make us believe. I remember really honestly thinking that there was a chance I might not make it to adulthood, what with the cold war, the environmental doomsday reports and the random nature of casual wars we entered.

We still enter wars casually. And we still don't feed enough of the world's poor. But thankfully the environment is something we're all more aware of and that is MUCH tougher and more resilient than we thought it was. It's still not cool to pollute, but at least I'm no longer afraid my children won't be able to grow up in this world.

BTW, if you want to feed the poor, this program is statistically the most effective one in the world.

Buy someone a livestock animal and they start where we were a few thousand years ago - at the basic starting point of becoming self-sufficient. You turn them into a farmer. It works on the world's most inescapably poor people - the rural, village-bound poor. As for city poor - read "Banker to the Poor" and "Give War a Chance" (neither book properly is represented by the title) and hopefully gain a better insight from two completely different but engaging viewpoints on poverty and the various solutions employed.

I saw this video at Grahame's site, so thanks Grahame.