I'm not a cat lover.

Sep 3, 2008 at 6:17 PM
Here is a lovely little graph of cat-lover intelligence

Thanks to xkcd.com and the striking wit of the author. You have got to wander this for a while and discover the comic genius. Not much drawing talent, but it was fascinating to spend some time looking at life through the lens of a math-genius' sense of humour.

Anyway, with the above graph on display, I will have no more argument from anyone who has ever uttered the phrase: "Whoz a good widdle keedy?"
As far as XKCD goes, I laughed my ass off at the map of online communities.
I find his mathematics spot on as regards the likelihood of trists on TV.
Basically the math works out so that you can pretty much extrapolate that every possible acceptable match that the morals of that show allow will be made, so long as the show runs long enough.
I would add that it appears that he hasn't accounted for the additional wildcard -- His math doesn't account for a member of a generally heterosexual show turning out to be gay, despite previous conceptions (as in the unfortunate final years of unfunny that happened on "Roseanne" or "Ellen").
So in that sense his math is flawed and I'd like to see how it works out with the variable accounted for.
On the about page, he mentioned the Pleaides (seven sisters) as his favorite astronomical phenomenon. My favorite celestial body is the God's Eye.

For all I know, it's IN the Pleaides, I really don't know much about the God's Eye except that it makes me want to enter a staring contest. I've never lost a staring contest yet, but I have a feeling this one could beat me.
It's not as majestic as the 7 sisters of the Pleaides, but definitely harder to stop looking at.

The seven sisters were among my favorite beings from Greek mythology -- which I was ridiculously into as a kid. (You all know I was weird already.) I also likes the muses and the fates -- you can tell I liked the myths with a gaggle of girls in them.

My very favorite myth was of the Golden Fleece.

I recently found out that golden fleece were a true thing. Greeks must have had travelers into Northern Russia, and must have traded with them, because placing a fleece at the bottom of a river is a known (backwater boonies) method of both collecting gold dust from the rivers and also improving the quality of the sheepskin in rural areas in Northern Russia and Siberia.

Apparently the lanolin captures and the tiny hairs store the gold dust and the entire sheepskin becomes a beautiful golden wonder over the course of a few months in a river down-stream from an unmined gold deposit.

Of course, unmined gold deposits are becoming rarer, so I imagine that's not such a prevalent practice anymore.

I want a golden fleece. Or at least a nebula called "Golden Fleece". Maybe there is something in the heavens named that now, what with the better telescopes we've profited from over the last hundred years.

The girls and I are making a pie right now (wild blackberries again), I have to go get it from the oven.

I quit smoking again yesterday. It seems to have stuck pretty well. Instead of munching on chocolates this time I'm muching on Wasabe Peas (awesome snack mix).

And there is today's TOTALLY RANDOM post ....


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  1. Kat Says:

    I loves your rambles.