Get a Better ROI on Life

Jul 17, 2008 at 12:45 AM

I'm going in session on weekends. I am a Scientologist. "Going in session" means spending time in one on one counseling sessions with an auditor - someone who listens. That's their whole job. Ask questions, listen. It is structured around helping me address whatever it is that I feel needs to be addressed.

Old situations are magically correcting themselves. 16 years of having a problem I thought was unfixable. 12 years of having done the seemingly "unforgiveable", resolved now happily.

New situations are suddenly improving or looking far more hopeful, too.

It's practical magic. It works easily and well and better than anything else for the same reason that aquaducts worked better than hollow logs - better technology means better results. I use it for the same reason we use computers and not an abacus - once you figure out the science behind better tools, you're never going back to the old way to do things.

In my book, Scientology is better tools for living based on better and more organized data.

I highly recommend Scientology counseling to anyone who wants a better ROI on life - anyone who finds that their outlook isn't ideal, that their hope for future is less than steller, or simply thinks things in their life need a little improvement, or that they're frustrated getting nowhere on things that seem unhandleable.

I feel like I've played a trick on the universe, cheated my way around the way you're "supposed to" do things by finding the magic button that solved the problem. And it was this simple:


The universe wants me to just live with my problems. Deal. Get over it. A little worry never killed anyone. Ignore it and it'll go away. You don't have the time or money to resolve your problems. Ignore it. Deal. 

Sorry, but I want to have a better life. I disagree.

So, anyway. I took a look at three very old situations in less than 6 hours of counseling and all three of them are completely resolved as of today in real life, without all the drama. Just a few days after getting my auditing, and everything I addressed is resolved. Everything. Not just my attitude toward it, but the real situations, too. Most without my trying or doing anything but being truthful and really looking at what was really there.

The ratio on this is amazing:

Cumulative hours of time spent worrying or grappling with or refusing to confront these three problems on my own: 36 years 

Cumulative time spent resolving these three situations in or out of counseling since last weekend: 8 hours

And only one of these was worth it.

Non-cumulatively, I've spent 16 years machinating and hemming and hawing over some of this stuff... How much wasted time and effort, emotion and drama? Wow! That is a major drain on my life. Just getting that out of my life is priceless for me personally.

I am looking forward to more...

My communication with my entire family is wide open and happy right now. It's wonderful.

If you're a close friend, call me and I'll update you more personally with everything else happening. It's way better than I can easily state here -- I don't have everyone's permission to spread our lives out for all to see by blogging about it all. But I'm really jazzed!

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  1. jere Says:

    Awesome, Desi. Congrats on finishing the life repair processes.

    Love, Dad