Cats and Bats and Puppies

Jul 21, 2008 at 4:43 PM

This morning my cat went spastic. 

He was jumping up the curtains in my bedroom as though attempting to fly. Meowling, and then falling. Jump, fall, jump, snag, meowl, fall.

I investigated.

I found out what Cole was trying to reach - there was a tiny little bat attached to my curtains, trying to be as small and high up as possible. I scooped him up with a book and a steel mesh penholder off my desk, and I showed him to the girls .

Aurora wanted to pet the "teensy furry little guy". 

I reminded her that rats and bats sometimes carry rabies, as many small wild mammals do, and asked them both to weigh the possibility of rabies against the wonderfulness of petting something small and furry.

They chose to look at him and admire his cuteness instead.

We all contributed (the girls by walking beside me and squealing) to leading him outdoors and trying to free him.

Bats are actually very cute. All the ones I've seen at least. I can't help but wonder at the long path to being what they are considered now - associated with death, with vampires, with bites and with omens -- so terribly maligned. Nothing at all like reality.

I let him go by placing the penholder on the front porch, open side up. He didn't fly away. In fact he appeared to have gone back to sleep.

I came out an hour later and he was still curled up in the penholder, fast asleep.  Either that or weak, he's been without food or water in my room for a few days at least. Just in case he was simply too pooped to climb out, I decided to trust adrenaline to get him out of the penholder.

So I swung the penholder like a discus and flung that bat out into oblivion. He was probably a bit startled to find himself awakened at top speed, but he quickly gathered up his nerve, took flight and found refuge in a very low branch in the tree across from my front door, in the little glen above the creek. 

I admired his taste in spots - that's my favorite spot in my yard, too. Lots of bugs and lots of water there. He'll be fine.

Shortly afterward, Charlie (the puppy) started jumping up to get the bat (fast asleep again) and barking.

The bat, seeing Charlie was nothing like the cat, hasn't done much but inch up his little branch and stay asleep.

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  1. Kat Says:

    I love him.