Baby deer and my secret outdoors

Jul 9, 2008 at 12:38 AM
Yesterday, we were driving to town and ran across two new fawns with their mother, the doe. They were spotted and beautiful, amazing lithe, agile little creatures. They were too young to be afraid of my car, but their mother ran off without them and probably bleated from her point of safety, trying to beckon them to her. Another car came from the opposite direction and we were both stopped in the middle of the road, with a pair of adorable fawns between us.

We waved, and started scooting closer. The fawns ran off the road. Aurora says they then ran right back out into the road after we passed.

A few seconds later, a big old rock truck (delivering gravel to somewhere up the road) came thundering along, and my hopes for the baby deer were thrown out my back window toward them.

It i odd to live in a place with such gorgeous natural wonders and so many threats to them. We found a half-eaten fawn by the creek -- the girls think it was a boar, so don't tell them I confirmed it was a baby deer. We lose a few a year on the roads, but we still have a thriving population of deer here, and it is wonderful fun to watch them grow, and then have babies the year after.

The ranch has many wonders, and one is to watch nature in all it's beauty.

We have a few natural bee hives here on the ranch, I've seen one so far this year. I'm amazed at that I see any at all. Supposedly America's wild bees are down my a ridiculous 90% due to some virus or something. Nothing human caused, just more of nature doing it's thing. But it's hard to believe we're having bee trouble with this many wild flowers abounding. I'm surrounded every day by TONS of flowers. We've got snapdragons and tiger lilies and heal all and daisies and bluebells and now blackberry flowers.

Can't wait for the blackberries to ripen.

It is such a dichotomy to live in a wilderness of such beauty and yet work on the Internet, in the world of sterile code - where each and every thing in it was crafted with keyboards and written into the void - nothing but wires and servers, satellites and cables.

Such profundity of significance, no real matter. Significances about significances. And more significances piled on top for good measure. There is action and purpose to it, but there is nothing to touch. I have nothing to touch in my job except my keyboard, nothing to really look at except my screen. it is all postulated to exist and made of nothing but agreements. An entire alternate universe that cannot be touched.

Well, there is touchable reality - ridiculous wild acres of it -- right outside my door every day to make up for it. I could not imagine living in an insulated world and also worked on the Internet - what would one do for escape from it? How would one return yourself to feeling connected with life?

Taking walks around here is something I think I cannot even explain the wonderfulness of. I can wander for miles in any direction I want. There are overlapping, wildly curvy old roads that go nowhere and wind there way to the tops of hills only to end there, but with a beautiful, prolific view and there are countless deer trails, creeks and streams of water, rocky outcroppings, trees, savannas, lush moist green areas that never get much sunlight, springs welling up out of the rock, and so much to be seen that I have yet to see the vast majority of this place despite regular walks.

It certainly helps me gather myself after a particularly stressful work day.

I took a great walk with my kids today. Just a standard walk we've taken a bunch before - to the creek beside my house and back, but it was such fun. They stayed at the creek longer than I did. The dogs were playing in the water and they wanted to throw rocks for the dogs to try to fetch. Lots of splashing and squealing.

Wish everyone could live here - but then it'd be a city instead.

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  1. Kat Says:

    Mmmmm, blackberries. I used to have purple feet and hands (and face) in the summer.

    OK. You've convinced me. Whenever the timing works out between our house guests and your trip, C and I will come up.