Jul 9, 2008 at 5:29 AM
Here is my list of standard conversational acronyms for web use - not talking about tech stuff or any of that.

By the Way = BTW
For What it's Worth = FWIW
For Your Information = FYI
For Your Eyes Only = FYEO
I Am Not A Lawyer = IANAL
In Any Event = IAE
In My Considered Opinion = IMCO
In My Humble Opinion = IMHO
In My Opinion = IMO
In Other Words = IOW
Just One of Those Things = JOOTT
Laughing Out Loud = LOL
Never mind = NVM
No Reply Necessary = NRN
On the Other Hand = OTOH
Real Soon Now = RSN
Rolling on Floor Laughing = ROFL
Rolling on the Floor Laughing = ROTFL
Rolling on Floor Laughing my Ass Off = ROFLMAO
Still in the Dark = SITD
Talk to You Later = TTYL
Tata for Now! = TTFN
Thanks in Advance = TIA
There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch = TANSTAAFL
Three Letter Acronym = TLA
Tongue in Cheek = TIC
With Respect To = WRT
What you See is What you Get = WYSIWYG
Later = L8R

Any additions?

Some were gotten from a Fookes NTP clip library I have (more tech talk you can ignore) and some were added based on having to decipher other people's IMs or emails.


  1. jere Says:

    RTFM = read the freaking manual
    RTFN = right the f--k now!
    WIKI - what I know is
    TANJ - there aint no justice

  2. jere Says:

    WIKI - what I know is
    RTFM - read the freaking manual
    RTFN - right the frak now!
    TANJ - there ain't no justice

  3. Kat Says:

    Dude. I can't even imagine a typed conversation where I would need an abbreviation for IANAL... or TANSTAAFL, for that matter. Are these really phrases that many people now use so often that they have their own acronyms? Am I just here SITD, in my own bloggy world, that I have never heard half of these? OMG. WTF.

  4. desi Says:

    JASH - Just another Sh-thead