Hughes Net Satellite Internet Service

Jun 30, 2008 at 8:07 PM
1. I give them 70.00 a month for a corporate account because it's their fastest option.

2. Despite the high price, their internet service is SLOW. Really slow. Just barely faster than dial-up but I have no other option locally.

3. I spent 58 minutes on hold. I have never spent less than 45 minutes on hold waiting to be handled when I call them. It is AWFUL.

4. Their customer service rep was obviously overseas because the connection was bad and the accent was barely understandable. Sounded Indian. Fine. OK. Usually not a big deal if it makes customer service better, faster. Totally not the case here.

5. I told Krish (my rep) that I want a quote to move the service next door. I was told they cannot give me a quote for moving. I have to place the order and THEN find out what it will cost me... 5 to 7 business days later when I get called back about setting up an appointment (presumably another 5-7 business days after THAT)!

I asked for an estimate, SORRY. Not even an estimate. Nothing.

I was so angry I hung up.

Now I'll have to spend another hour on hold before I can place the move order when it is time to move.

I just want to move to the other house on the ranch, the one next door.

6. Krish himself seemed nice. Totally not his fault. Everything to do with the HORRIBLE wait time and the HORRIBLE policies of HughesNet. If I had ANY other option, I would do it.

I have seriously thought about just sticking to DIALUP, the HughesNet policies and help and followup are that bad. I mean, DIALUP. Puh-leez.

7. Not only that, but they need to hear me reiterate (twice usually) a really long string of numbers from back when I originally set the service up before they can talk to me, even though the account lists my name and address, and I always call from the phone number attached to the account, and they know it.

Abysmal service. Especially for twice what it costs for the MUCH FASTER DSL.

It's enough to make me want to move to a city all by itself. I cannot STAND the customer service. It is totally irresponsible to allow their service to be this bad. I don't know who is in charge of making sure the customers are happy, but they should really be fired.


Update - they said it costs 250.00 to move the service. I finally placed the order, heard from the guy, explained the situation, and got a real quote.

$250.00 to move NEXT DOOR.