Update on all things me

Apr 15, 2008 at 11:42 PM
The new puppy and Tucker aren't getting along very well. I think that may resolve once I get Charlie fixed.

I randomly catch the puppy trying to eat all of Tucker's food, and Tucker eating all of Charlie's food. Tucker definitely wins, but it's OK because they both get plenty of food in the process.


Today is Harlan's birthday. He turns ten. Good for him!


The twins have been reading lots of books lately, as usual. they chew their way through a few books a month, and have already read most of the worthwhile children's books in recent years.

There is one though. A series of books about "May Bird" that I find disturbing. It's about dead people and a regular kid who gets swept through a portal into the land of the dead. The bad guy is a meany devilish thing. Creepy. Very modern children's lit -- kind of a modern take on the whole 7 levels of hell thing.

Not sure what to think of it. Anyone make it through that series and can tell me if I should nip this in the bud? They're not too fussed about it, but I don't know whether to worry that it gets psycho-babbly later (as do most books that broach death as a topic).

I hated the movie "Bridge to Terabithia" -- which I though would be a great kid's fantasy but turns out it is all about the death of the best friend of the main character. The girls and I cried. I hate movies where kids die. Just a taboo I don't think should be broken for fluff pieces. I hate it more than sexual cruft in movies.

The purpose of a movie is to lift you out of your own life, give you an hour of fantasy -- in the case of a kid's movie. I want things my kids watch to be thoughtful and uplifting, not depressing and grief-strickening.

I simply don't like movies that don't make up the damage well enough for putting you through something negative. Whatever it is, that movie better darn well make it right afterward.

For instance, I hated the movie Titanic. Her love is killed off, and they never make it right enough again after.

Yes, it was a real tragedy and in reality, it didn't get made right. But I still hated that movie, partially for making me sit through 3 hours of a mismatched, no-chemistry couple. Kate Winslet is a gem, a rare beauty with a gift for acting. Leo DiCaprio I personally don't like. Not that he wasn't playing a great character, but he didn't imbue that character with enough wonderful to equal Kate's wonderful. It was just a generally flawed movie, and I have no sympathy for throwing a perfectly good blue diamond into the ocean.

For the love of Pete, at least give it to an orphanage somewhere or something. It could fund a million copies of "Bridge to Terabithia" for the kids. Or mayeb some food. Whatever.

The point here is that life needs to be broken apart and given a little LIGHT by children's movies, and I'm sorely disappointed.


Also, we rented BEE MOVIE. What a load of conflicting crud that was. Is iut better to live like a communist or buck the system? The movie promotes BOTH! Plus it ends off on the upnote that he finally starts "thinking bee" -- which means thinking like a hive mind creature and becoming a small cog in a big wheel. Very communistic.

Yes, it's Jerry Sienfeld's brainchild, and as such, the jokes are supposed to run that engine. But the jokes were crappy, and my kid's didn't laugh at them.

Not only that, but the romance-ish aspect is between a bee and a human -- just plain WEIRD. And when her boyfriend points that out (whom she dumps) he's suddenly out of the picture.

The girls didn't like it, and I think it was a waste of good animation rendering hours.


OK -- That's everything I've been piling up to say lately.

Until a few hours from now when I've got a new pile. :)