Old dogs, New dogs, Young dogs, Blue dogs

Apr 25, 2008 at 4:01 PM
My new puppy Charlie is definitely showing his Blue Heeler side. He's fiesty and loves to playfight with Tucker. He's totally unafraid, and that means when he's older - if I don't get him fixed - that will be a big problem.

Tucker and Charlie weren't getting along so well, so I started solving this by taking them on car rides together. Charlie is definitely not good at cars yet, whereas Tucker is an old hand at it.

Lately, Tucker pulls his head out of the window to the withers. He whines at the car every time I go through bumps and potholes, or around corners. I thought it was because he's a water dog, wanting to bite the splashign water from the puddles.

But he's still been doing it now even through the road has been basically dried up for several days. I realized yesterday while riding with both dogs what was actually the reason for Tucker's howling and whining. My shocks are going, and the squeak makes Tucker think of the sound the mice make in the walls. He thinks there are mice in the wheel well.

So, Tucker is hanging his head out the window, Charlie is curled up next to him praying for me to stop moving the car, and they are getting along fine for once.

As long as I keep the windows too closed for Tucker to jump out, we're all good.