Snowy Weather

Mar 29, 2008 at 1:56 PM
It's snowing here - HERE - at my house. In March (almost April!).

There is a light dusting of snow on everything, and more of it on my car.

Still, rather than play in our humble show of snow, we wrapped up in our thickest winter coats and tumbled over to Grandpa & Grandma. They live another 600 feet higher in elevation. I grabbed up Harlan on my way the same time. By the time Am wakes up, it'll be long past high sun, and the snow will be gone.

When we got up to the Upper house, we realized we'd forgotten the mittens, but they decided to play anyway. Freezing hands and all, they laughed and cavorted and ducked and sneaked.

So, we spent an hour there, until they'd muddied all the good snow that wasn't on the roof. The girls just got back here - from making snowmen, throwing snowballs at eachother and playing hard enough to not care about cold.

Now all three of them are huddled around the woodstove warming up and looking all rosy-cheeked and happy.

Well, I just wanted you to know. But I have to toddle off now. It's time to make hot chocolate and Cream of Wheat to warm these kiddos up from the inside.