Quackery is spreading

Mar 23, 2008 at 10:05 PM
Here is a great example of a totally bogus psychiatric activity.

A random quote from the article in MSNBC...

The report that accompanies those results instructs doctors that a positive test means patients are two to three times more likely to have bipolar disorder. But the studies from which those figures come also show the gene variations themselves are rare even among those with bipolar.

BAsically what they're saying is:

Here's a test that shows you're probably bipolar, even though we are not quite sure what it is. But not even everyone we've already labeled as bipolar would come up positive for this genetic trait. In fact, not even the majority of them.

What genetic trait testing is saying is:

Here's a piece of the string that determines your physical body.

How did the psychs even manage to make a link between mental and spiritual stuff and the unlocking of the genome?

I don't see the connect, and before they start making money on yet another harebrained unhelpful piece of mumbo jumbo quackery, I need them to PROVE the connection.

Not because it disagrees with my personal beliefs (which it does) but because they are practicing ROTTEN science. Rotten. Real science requires a lack of assumptions. Basically, you are required to connect the dots.

There are so many missing dots in any psych science that there simply cannot be any credence granted to it.


When are you going to realize that the psychs - every last flipping one of them - are duping you! TRILLIONS of dollars! Trillions!

And they've cured how many people (ever) of this elusive and undiagnosable bipolar disorder?

Uhm. None.

That's right. NONE.



Maybe the people who are falling for this one are doing so because they're all hopped up on drinking water.