No More Anonymous Comments

Mar 17, 2008 at 4:18 AM
Because of the barrage of misinformed or simply nasty comments I've gotten lately about my religious choices, and including links to downright lies and libel/slander/hatespeech links (which I'm not interested in receiving), I'm discontinuing allowing anonymous comments.

I even had one comment tell me that I'm raising automatons (to put a LONG comment briefly) because I called my kids "well behaved". PLEASE. Could you be more insulting? I have always applied peripatetic educational principles to my children, always talked to them about how to question the world, how to find Science in everyday things. I am encouraging free thought. Anyone who wishes to be their full selves OUGHT to use as much of their native incredible capacity for new thought as possible.

Anyway, I'd had enough when I got that one. I wanted to find that person's blog and see what other kind of communiations they were sending out. But, nope. Anonymous.

Another one sent me what looked like a SPAM list of terribly skewed and hate-speech filled websites. Again, I wanted to know who sent it. UMPH! No go. Anonymous again.

I looked through all the negative comments I got lately. I found only ONE common element in these hostile or covertly hostile communications. None of the people commenting included a username -- all comments were anonymous.

That's right, because of that darned "Anonymous" group of commenters, everyone needs to now declare their identity up front or won't be able to comment.

So, basically, if you want to comment on THIS blog, expect to be able to enter identification -- at least in the minimal form that this blog allows.

Otherwise you're not getting published.


  1. Grahame Says:

    It is a rather cowardly thing to hide behind a mask of anonymity. I don't have a problem with people maintaining privacy on the Internet, but posting crap and then running away is not the action of a person I'd take any notice of.

    There is a back story to the group "Anonymous". You can see an interesting video from FOX News about them here: Anonymous - Some History. Real nice people - Yeah Right!

  2. Kat Says:

    Hey, this is cool - good idea. I've had some of those lately as well. Funny how (most) people make an attempt to keep their manners in when you can identify them.