My kids are up to it again

Mar 10, 2008 at 2:10 PM
I was driving with the girls to the ranch on Friday. We stopped for gas, and the girls went into the store with a dollar or so to get gum.

Miranda came running out to me and said "Mom, Mom! (Big wide eyes) there's something we NEED to get. We already spent what you gave us but we NEED something else. Please can I have $3.30?"

"What is it?"

"Something. Not bad."

I said "Is it sugar?"

"Nope. It's good."

"OK." I gave her three bucks, and she ran in at top speed.

As I'm turning around from the gas pump I see Aurora and Miranda walking up to me being cagey with something behind Miranda's back. Uh-oh, I'm thinking.

Mandy and Rory suddenly pop out with a big sheepish grin and Rory handed me a yellow rose. They bought me my favorite kind of rose. That was the big emergency they needed the money for.


Later Aurora said the man behind the counter asked her if it was mother's day. She said that was funny. Mandy laughed and said "It doesn't have to be MOTHER's DAY for you to love your mom!!"

And then they both cracked up.


I love my children. Wow.


  1. Lerey Says:

    You can always count on your girls to cheer you up! They definitely have a way of tugging on those heartstrings!

    And the coolest thing is it is always genuine! Never contrived!


  2. Kat Says:

    I love your children TOOO! That is so awesome.