Moon Landing

Mar 30, 2008 at 3:37 AM

Recently, I heard my first about the moon landing being fraud. So far, what I saw of this conspiracy theory hasn't convinced me, but I wanted to see what you said.

So here's the poll results.

It amazes me that two of you were positive it's a fraud, 4 more weren't sure.

That's a pretty high percentage.


Are we just so jaded now about our government that we no longer really wonder whether the wool is over our eyes -- only whether it's lambs wool or steel wool?

Are we now assuming there is truth in every theory that arises about any incident?


OK. So, the moon landing. If it was a hoax, it was harmless. What isn't harmless is poking holes in the few remaining points in our history that we can unabashedly be proud of. The moon landing was one of them - now it's controversial?!

I have to agree with my folks - HOW could such a huge and nasty secret could be kept covered up for 40-some-odd years with no leaks? Not flipping likely.

I have my doubts - not about the moon landing but about the hoax thing.

You conspiracy theorists need to stop woe-telling and leave my remaining precious historical moments and figures alone. I value the pride amd morale that we, as Americans, derive from those moments. The space race was a problem of some other generation... My generation faces a massive lack of pride in American history (or even knowledge of it, outside of hearing about controversy). So, rather than push down more of that pride, why don't you do somethign to improve the country you think is conspiring against you so much?

So, quit it. Leave well enough alone.

1 Responses to Moon Landing

  1. Grahame Says:

    The trouble with ridiculous and illogical conspiracy theories about things like the moon landing is that if there is a real conspiracy going on then people who talk about it get lumped in with the loonies who talk about black helicopters and the UN taking over the US (as if the UN could take over a Sunday School outing).

    I sometimes wonder if that isn't the real reason behind such foolish theories.